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Ten Zimbabwean Love songs

Here are our top 10 love songs from Zimbabwe:

  1. Tombofara- Calvin and Muzi
  2. Pamuhacha- Mateo Ndinoda
  3. Wangu- Williom Tight
  4. Roy and royce- handirege
  5. Mafriq-chizevezeve
  6. Pax Afro- tango pal
  7. Rocqui- aiyaihoo
  8. Betty makaya- ndakusuwa
  9. Alexio ft Andy Brown- Shaina

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5 things that show Unconditional Love

Unconditional love is very different from the kind of love that most people have. It is more of a behaviour than a feeling. It is the satisfaction of the feeling you get when you act a certain way for your loved one. Ask yourself, am i truly acting with the best love i can give this person.

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10 Reasons You’re Still Single

If you’ve been in the dating game for a while, and you’re still single, the frustration can be enough to drive you crazy. That nagging question just gets louder and louder… “Is it me?” You’re amazing, and I wouldn’t tell you think unless I thought I could help you… But ya, maybe. It might be you.

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Zimbabwe Dating tips to help with your love life

Dating with people from Zimbabwe can be hard and finding the your ideal partner can be even harder. We are now leaving in a technology world where most people will prefer to wink at you using an emoji rather than doing it in person. Here are some tip that will help you with you love life.

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